Mutsy Traveller Car Seat Group 0 + - 0 13 kg EXO

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Comfortable and practical, the Mutsy Traveller car seat group 0 + - 0 13 kg proves itself as a useful helper for your baby from birth. Unlike in other baby car seats, your child won’t ‘hang’ in this seat, but can comfortably lie down and enjoy the gentle rocking motion of the car or seat.

This position is possible thanks to the adjustable backrest: in its furthest position, the baby car seat transforms into an almost horizontal little bed. This is an advantage which will come in useful on long car journeys, above all. Once your baby has fallen asleep, you don’t even have to wake them to make the transfer from the car into the pram. All you do is lift the baby car seat using its large, soft carry handle, and transfer it onto the pram.

With the right adaptor, it will fit very easily onto the Mutsy Urban Rider, 4Rider, Slider and Transporter. As well as the reclined position, the car seat can be adjusted into two other positions, which offer your baby a chance to see the world. Whether half-seated or fully upright, they’ll have an excellent view, and they can maintain eye contact with mum and dad.

As well as scoring points in comfort, the Mutsy Traveller car seat group 0 + - 0 13 kg also has lots of useful accessories. A seat insole ensures an even safer, more comfortable hold, especially for the tiny bodies of newborns. Softly padded belts and buckles prevent pressure on sensitive skin, and the roof protects from bright sunlight and other unpleasant weather conditions.
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  • Practical, safe car seat belonging to group 0+ (up to 13kg, approx. 1 year)
  • For use in the car, and on the Mutsy prams Urban Rider, 4Rider, Slider and Transporter
  • Backrest adjustable in 3 ways, one being a fully reclined position
  • Soft belt and buckle padding
  • Large carry handle with soft grip
  • Seat insole included
  • Roof included
  • Weather cover for the seat/lying area

Additional Information

Name Mutsy Traveller Car Seat Group 0 + - 0 13 kg active black grey - Collection 2014
Product type Car Seats
EAN Code 8718213003597
Article number supplier TRAVELABLACK
Package Content Baby car seat, seat insole, roof, weather cover
Weight (in kg) 5 kg
Characteristics Car Seats Adjustable backrest, Lying Sleeping Position
Attachment to vehicle Safety belt
Seat direction Backward-facing
Child's weight 0-13 kg
Car Seat Group Group 0+ 0 13 kg
Age type 0-9 months
Adapts to growing child No
Colour Black
Colour supplier Active Black
Measurements Height 80 cm x Depth 30 cm x Width 52 cm

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